Collapsible Boxes

Collapsible boxes fold flat for shipment and compact storage.  Therefore they are the perfect ‘fill in store’ gift box solution.  Learn about different styles available at Stribbons and their various customizations.

17-006 Fresh Fruit Collapsible Box – Pineapple
17-006 Fresh Fruit Collapsible Box – Pomegranate
SQ14-0070 Urban Art Tote Boxes
SQ20-059 Collapsible Vodka Flight Gift Set
SQ19-054 Collapsible Rainbow Triangle Box
SQ17-010 Fresh Fruit Collapsible and Rigid Gift Sets
SQ19-027 Collapsible Boxes
Rigid Boxes
SQ17-044 Collapsible Box
Rigid Boxes
SQ17-006 Fresh Fruit Collapsible Box