Stribbons Guangzhou

Stribbons Guangzhou is the primary manufacturing location for paperboard, ribbons and sewn products.  It is located near the port of Shenzhen, China where our weekly containers are exported.

The port of Shenzen is one of the largest ports in the world.  This provides Stribbons with the ability to export packaging to almost anywhere in the world.  Stribbons products can be seen on store shelves in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, China and more!

Environmental Initiatives

At Stribbons, we take great pride in being able to put forth meaningful environmental initiatives.  Stribbons has implemented a vast solar energy system which provides its energy requirements, with mostly negative output.  This helps our local community and offputs our energy requirements to run manufacturing machinery.

Stribbons has an extensive water filtration system for all of the dyed products that are handled at the factory.  Each year, Stribbons is outputting millions of yards of dyed goods.  The byproduct of the dyeing process is graywater.  This is put through the water filtration system on site.  We are proud to say that the output of our system is safe enough to drink!

Stribbons keeps abreast of new environmental trends and offers materials that are eco-friendly.  Some of these include:

  • recycled paperboard
  • water based inks
  • biodegradable varnishes
  • cotton ribbons
  • recycled polyester ribbon
  • Jute, canvas and cotton materials
  • Wood and paperboard packaging decorations


Stribbons factory has been certified and audited by many agencies throughout the years.  Stribbons keeps abreast of the newest and latest standards of manufacturing for the industries it commonly serves.  This includes:

  • ISO 9000
  • ISO 140001
  • BRC certification
  • FSC certification
  • G7 printing certification
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At the factory, there are many departments including, ribbon weaving, dyeing and spooling.  Cord twisting and barbing.  Paperboard printing, cutting, gluing rooms.  Hand assembly lines are assembled within each department for hand finishing.  We are uniquely equipped to handle new and custom designs based on our extensive on site capabilities.


Nearby to Stribbons campus is the Canton market, one of the largest resources in materials sourcing in the world.  Our sourcing team can go to find new materials, fabrics, charms, embellishments and components for packaging.  We have found reliable resources for most common componentry, and are able to design new and interesting styles by sourcing new materials.