Flex Boxes

Folding Cartons


Made from paperboard material ranging between 200-500 GSM, folding cartons are a primary packaging category at Stribbons.  We offers complete customization including size, shape, bottom closure style, top closure style, windows, printing, techniques and applications.  View our portfolio of past projects to be inspired for your next folding carton project.

1PC Folding Carton

As the most common style you will find most folding carton dielines in this  category.  Stribbons offers creative solutions to your packaging needs with unique top and bottom closures and custom window shapes.  Finished by hand, you will notice many common dielines with a little something special.

Ribbon tabs, ribbon closures, bows and elastics, you can find all of these packaging decorations at Stribbons!  View more packaging decorations and embellishments here.

Flex Boxes
SQ18-007 Candy Totes
SQ20-056 Monster Boxes
SQ19-035 Panettone Ornament Box
Flex Boxes
SQ18-002 Sweets Packaging
Flex Boxes
SQ18-008 Fruit Window Gable Boxes
Flex Boxes
SQ19-004 Kraft Olive Oil Box
Flex Boxes
SQ19-010 4-Compartment Flex Box
Flex Boxes
SQ19-057 Apothecary Gift Set
SQ19-061 – Butterfly Window Box
SQ20-002 – Cacao Acetate Box
Flex Boxes
SQ19-011 Advent Calendar
SQ19 Christmas Flex Set
SQ19 Christmas Flex Set
SQ19-051 SQ19-052
SQ19-051 SQ19-052
SQ19-030 Cathedral Top Box
SQ19-032 2 Truffle Tote Box
SQ19-034 Ballotin Box with Stribbon & Hangtag Closure
SQ19-033 Tall Flower Chocolate Box
SQ16-0004 Ornament Box
SQ16-0079 Oven Boxes
SQ16-0075 House Box
SQ16-0004 Ornament Box
SQ19-003 Kraft Penne Box
SQ20-008 Candy Boxes
SQ20-010 Salt Water Taffy Box
SQ20-022 Pariatur Triangle Box
SQ20-024 Pariatur Flex Box
SQ20-052C Rum Box
SQ20-052B Tequila Box
SQ20-052A Vodka Box
SQ20-048 Tiny Tequila Box

2PC Folding Carton

2 PC folding cartons have many combinations of styles, but the most common include drawer boxes, base and lid & base and sleeve.  This product style ships flat and stores compact, and offers an elevated look and user experience.

Once assembled the double wall tray used in many of these designs acts as a set up box.  Its easy to assemble, and a perfect compartment for a tray or insert.  View some tray and insert options offered by Stribbons here.

Flex Boxes
SQ18-003 I Heart Candy Box
Flex Boxes
SQ18-004 2PC Candy Box
Flex Boxes
SQ19-002 Kraft Macaron Box
SQ19-031 Macaron Drawer Box
SQ18-603 Perfume Box
SQ20-018 Pariatur 2PC Flex Box & Sleeve
SQ20-001 Cacao Drawer Box + Tray
SQ20-026 Candle Box
SQ18-005 2PC Macaron Box
SQ20-001 Cacao Drawer Box

Corrugate Boxes

Corrugate boxes are folding cartons too.  Different than whiteboard, or SBS, corrugate  material adds strength to packaging by diffusing impacts with a wavy middle layer.  Corrugate is thicker and stronger, protecting your products from blunt impact, like dropping or shifting.  Many folding carton dielines are available in corrugate but need to be modified to accommodate the increased material thickness.

If you are interested in stronger packaging, shop our rigid board box collection instead.

Rigid Boxes
Rigid Boxes
SQ19-005 Corrugate Olive Oil Gift Set
SQ20-051 Vodka Gift Set
SQ20-050 Corrugated Liquor Box