Print Techniques

Foil Stamping

Foiling is applied to boxes at Stribbons through heat and pressure.  A stamp or template is used to stamp your custom design.  Foiling can cover large areas, or can be incredibly detailed.

To select a color, contact a Stribbons sales rep.  Acceptable references include Kurz foil swatches.  View Kurz foil swatches on their website here.


Embossing and debossing is achieved by using a stamp.  The level of detail possible can vary based on material thickness.  A tool is formed to stamp your custom design.  There is a maximum size area.  Contact us to inquire about your specific design.


Stribbons offers unique and detailed diecut as a popular choice to enhance packaging.  This technique gives interest by showing off your product inside or through layering of materials.


Metallic Inks

Metallic inks can be used to print on paperboard.  Metallic inks do not look shiny but have a pearlized effect.  Metallic ink swatches are usually requested using Pantones Metallics Color Guide.  You can view more information about Pantones metallic and shimmer inks at this article found at

Spot UV

Applied with with a screen template, Spot UV is a varnish that is applied wet and cured with UV light.  It can be used to create a wet look, a super shiny finish or a raised effect.  Spot UV can highlight an area of your packaging, especially in contrast to a matte paper or varnish.

Rigid Boxes


Flocking is a texture that feels fuzzy like velvet.  Flocking provides a deep tone to the color.  Its fuzzy texture suggests a softness and warmth.  Flocking is a unique way to add interest to packaging.


Textured Paper

Textured paper is a special paper material that can be used to cover the whole box or a select part.  Some options include beater dyed paper, foil paper, hammered texture paper, velvet texture paper.

Rigid Boxes

Fabric Wrapping

Wrapping boxes in fabric is a precision technique that is available at Stribbons.  This gives a luxury texture to packaging that is not achievable with paper.  View fabrics here, or speak to a representative about your individual needs.