Create that ‘Voila!’ moment with inserts and trays!

Inserts and trays are a necessary part of custom packaging.  It is what can take your packaging from mediocre to outstanding!   Once trays and inserts are implemented, the user experience increases drastically!  Your products are perfectly arranged when your customer opens your packaging.  They are selecting carefully.  Top cards help to describe and sell your packaging.

Plastic Trays

Plastic trays are thermoformed and molded to fit your product securely each time. Safe for direct food contact, the primary material that Stribbons supplies is PET. This material comes in gold, black, brown, clear and white. The thickness is determined by many factors including required strength, depth of the cavities and overall size.

SQ20-021 Pariatur Box with Clear Tray
SQ20-027 Red Velvet Window Heart
SQ20-015 Pariatur Heart Box
Rigid Boxes
SQ19-022 Mini Guitar Box
Rigid Boxes
SQ19-014 Perfume Gift Set
SQ19-055 Rose & Chocolate Gift Set Box
Rigid Boxes
SQ19-013 Lotus Gift Set
Rigid Boxes
SQ19-012 Butterfly Gift Set Box
SQ19-061 – Butterfly Window Box
Flex Boxes
SQ19-057 Apothecary Gift Set

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts are not safe for direct food contact, but can be used to secure fragile items. This insert type has a luxurious feel and holds product tightly. Many are additionally wrapped with fabric for a luxury finish.

Rigid Boxes
SQ17-040 Liquor Box
Rigid Boxes
SQ18-016 Wreath Box
SQ19-055 Rose & Chocolate Gift Set Box

Paper Inserts

Paper inserts are designed and produced at Stribbons. They can hold products securely in place or just create compartments. Paper inserts can be printed and have a nice finish to the interior of the box.

SQ20-059 Collapsible Vodka Flight Gift Set
SQ20-026 Candle Box
SQ19-027 Collapsible Boxes
SQ19-049 Lotus Gift Box
Rigid Boxes
SQ16-0088 Picnic Peanut Butter & Jelly Gift Set
SQ19-051 Jam Tree Box