Packaging Embellishments


Stribbons offers creative packaging decorations and embellishments including ribbon bows, elastic loops, ribbon loops, hang tags, and more.  Packaging decorations are an integral part of the luxury packaging industry.  Creating a feeling of luxury and elegance, luxury gifts are enhanced with Stribbons beautiful packaging embellishments.

Hang Tags

Stribbons manufactures hang tags for pre-assembly onto other packaging styles.  This is a time saving solution uniquely offered at Stribbons.  Due to the many materials offered at Stribbons, your preferred attachment style can be achieved.  Hang tags can also be sold separately for attachment afterwards.

SQ20-011 Oreo Gift Set Box
SQ20-004 – Cacao Shopping Bag
SQ19-034 Ballotin Box with Stribbon & Hangtag Closure
SQ19-027 Collapsible Boxes
Flex Boxes
SQ19-010 4-Compartment Flex Box
Rigid Boxes
SQ19-007 3-Compartment Tea Box
Rigid Boxes
SQ19-007 3-Compartment Tea Box
SQ16-0004 Ornament Box
15-0031 Bijoux Shopping Bag

Paper Embellishments

By layering materials, Stribbons can create unique packaging styles with mixed material solutions.  Some common solutions include sleeves, bands, inserts, and paper pop-offs. Using acetate and paperboard, we can create a large format window option where your product is visible from all sides, or windows with unique shapes.  We can also use folding cartons as components into rigid boxes to bring down the costs and increase the value.  Ask us about other paperboard options.

Flex Boxes

Floral Picks

Stribbons has partnering facilities that offer unique floral embellishment styles that are often included in bows and packaging embellishments.  Floral picks are a classic way to add holiday style to your product.  Styles such as evergreen, pine, holly and berries, poinsetta, and other flowers are available.


Stribbons manufactures tassels for decoration on packaging or for other final uses. A staple of the cosmetic industry, the tassel lends a touch of elegance to any packaged product.  Utilizing a diverse mixture of yarns, ribbon, chainette, twisted rayon or knitted trimmings to capture the consumers glance, our designers will work with you to customize the color, textures and size so as not to overwhelm but rather intrigue.  Whether shiny and sleek or soft and gauzy, a tassel is the perfect finishing touch for your showcase products.

Ribbons & Cords


Stribbons offers adhesive resin sticker seals for unique packaging applications.  These popular packaging embellishments are used to adorn paperboard boxes, seal envelopes, attach ribbons and more.  The 3D component of each seal is built up to replicate the look and texture of a seal stamp.  The material can be clear, opaque, matte, shiny and sparkly.  The shape and size is completely custom.  Foiling or printed logos or text are available on the center of the seals.